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A monthly membership platform which extends Yoga beyond the physical.
'for the price of a chai per month'

Sunday Self Soothe is a monthly membership platform centred around introducing you to traditional Yoga practices and teachings, interwoven with nourishing flows.

One guided Yoga practice or teaching interwoven with a nourishing flow, released on the first Sunday of each month in the format of a pre-recorded video.

Access to the library of previous guided Yoga practices and teachings, for you to revisit whenever and wherever.

A detailed background of the Yoga practice or teaching provided alongside each guided video, allowing the practice or teaching to be accessible for all levels of understanding of Yoga.

Recieve a tri-monthly invitation to attend a live Zoom Yoga class (no added cost), where I will guide you through the Yoga practice or teaching and nourshing flow for the month in question.

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'for the price of a chai per month'
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