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What is Sunday Self Soothe online?

Sunday Self Soothe online is an offerring free of charge providing you with one guided Yoga practice or teaching interwoven with a nourishing flow, released on the first Sunday of the month in the format of a pre-recorded video.

A detailed background of the Yoga practice or teaching shall be provided alongside each pre-recorded video, allowing the practice or teaching to be accessible for all levels of understanding of Yoga.

Accompanying each instalment of Sunday Self Soothe you will find a newsletter, enabling me to connect that little bit deeper with each of you.

Released quarterly on the first Sunday of the month - September, DecemberMarchJune - both the pre-recorded guided class and newsletter will arrive into your inbox.

What is Sunday Self Soothe


Sunday Self Soothe in-person is an oppurtunity to foster community and connection.

With each online release an in-person event is hosted, for now, within Scotland.


Reflecting the current instalment's traditonal Yoga teaching or practice. each event is uniquely and intentionally crafted

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No upcoming events at the moment
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"I practiced Sunday Self Soothe two days ago - it was calming and natural, original too. I love the way that you cue the practice, and being able to see you so at peace.


Thank you for inspiring me to be more single-pointedly focused - you represent that.


I have never been lead by a teacher who spoke so clearly and relaxed, I will surely be continuing to practice Sunday Self Soothe."

Alison Quigley

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