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What is Nanhi Kali?

Since its begining in 1996, Nanhi Kali has provided 35,000 underprivileged female children in Indian with educationschool and menstrual supplies, and social support

To keep learning visit the Nanhi Kali website.

How are you supporting Nanhi Kali?

Each time you purchase a ticket for Online Vinyasa Yoga to Ease Into Your Evening, or A Moment of Pause, £1 of that purchase will go towards Nanhi Kali.

For each £60 we raise as a community 1 underprivileged female child in India will recieve 1 year of education, school and menstrual supplies, and social support.

As a direct supporter of that child's education, you will be able to follow the impact of your support through recieving triannual emails of the child whose education you will be providing, and her academic progress.

Why have I chosen to support Nanhi Kali through Klara Maria Yoga?

Yoga has given me first and foremost my spiritual practice, and recently it has started to provide me with my employment. I want to begin giving back in the ways that I can and know how, to the country and the culture from which Yoga derives: India. I hope that this may only be the beginining.

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